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Are Anna Faris and Michael Barrett planning an online wedding because of Covid-19 concerns? That’s what one tabloid was claiming a year ago. Gossip Cop takes a look back at the story and finds out if they did.

Anna Faris And Michael Barrett’s ‘Live-Stream Wedding’

365 days ago, we reported that Star alleged in a short piece that Anna Faris and her fiance, Michael Barrett, weren’t going to let coronavirus put a damper on their wedding plans. Instead of letting the pandemic delay their wedding plans like so many couples have, the tabloid explains that Faris and Barrett are planning a virtual wedding. And just because the ceremony will be online doesn’t mean they’re cutting out all the festivities.

The event will include “an intimate ceremony with a couple of witnesses present, while others watch over a live feed,” a friend of the couple dishes to the tabloid. The source goes on, explaining how they plan to bring the atmosphere with “flower displays and music playing on loudspeakers.” And to make sure everyone is celebrating, “Anna’s sending guests bottles of champagne so they can do a virtual toast,” the insider muses.

Anna Faris’ Wedding Plans ‘Get Digital’?

So, are Anna Faris and Michael Barrett still planning a virtual wedding? No, and they never were. The tabloid provides little in the way of proof for this alleged ceremony. The article relies heavily on the word of a so-called “friend” of the couple. Despite the insider’s supposed proximity to the couple, they failed to go into any detail about the couple’s alleged decision.

Finally, it has been a year since this article was published, so what happened to the ceremony? The whole point of a pandemic-era virtual wedding was so they didn’t have to wait any longer to get married. So, why aren’t they married a whole year later? Not only has there been no ceremony, but there hasn’t been any credible report of the couple’s so-called “plans” since the tabloid covered them. Clearly, there were never any digital ceremony plans to begin with.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Weddings

All that aside, Star has a bad habit of jumping the gun when it comes to celebrity weddings. Not long ago, the tabloid wrongly reported that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had wed in a secret Malibu ceremony. Then, the tabloid published an article alleging Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were planning a spring ceremony. Gossip Cop corrected both reports at the time.

Finally, the magazine turned its eye on Taylor Swift, claiming she and her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, had secretly tied the knot. Of course, the report was just speculation based solely on one of the singer’s music videos. Clearly, the tabloid doesn’t have the inside scoop on celebrity weddings that it claims to.

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