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Is Charlize Theron through with men? One story says she’s dating a woman and has “sworn off men.” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Who’s That Woman?’

According to Woman’s Day, Theron is done dating men after a string of failed relationships. Theron was recently spotted getting dinner with a woman. One onlooker says they “looked very cozy.”

A source says Theron and the mystery woman “gave the impression that they were together,” and Theron “was pretty affectionate throughout the outing.” Theron was also spotted wearing what could be an engagement ring on her ring finger. An insider says, “Charlize is very bitter about men in general. She watched her dad be awfully abusive to her mom as a child.”

With a few recent break-ups as well, Theron has apparently soured on dating men. The Mad Max: Fury Road star has been on a break from dating men for a few years now. An insider says “no-one would be surprised if, after a lot of soul-searching about what she really wants in life, she ended up in a same-sex relationship.”

A Note On Her Childhood

The story uses Theron’s childhood trauma as evidence that she’s swearing off all men. Theron’s mother killed her father in self-defense after her father drunkenly tried to shoot them. Theron told NPR, “I’m not ashamed to talk about it, because I do think that the more we talk about these things, the more we realize we are not alone in any of it.”

Theron went on to speak about the reality of living with an addict, but his being male did not come up. This tabloid is presenting a stupid speculative romance story and felt the need to interpolate an actual death as supposed evidence. There was no need to bring up this tragic incident in such a frivolous story.

She’s Not Dating Anyone

Let’s put aside this completely unrelated childhood trauma and the fact that Theron has experienced some high-profile break-ups. What actual evidence does this tabloid have? All this tabloid can really say is that Theron was spotted… talking to a woman. Scintillating

The same night she was at this dinner, the Devil’s Advocate star was spotted talking to Pierce Brosnan. Is she dating James Bond too? This is a wafer-thin story that still somehow completely mischaracterizes Theron’s personal life.

Truly Dumb Story

It’s true that Theron hasn’t dated anyone in five years, but that’s not because she’s sworn off men. She told Drew Barrymore that she’s “always open” to dating, but said, “My life is really good, so you better be able to bring that and maybe better,’ because I just won’t accept anything less.” She’s not sworn off anything, she just needs someone to dazzle her.

The Ring Is Not An Engagement Ring

The story circles a ring on Theron’s finger as if to say she’s not just dating a woman, but that she’s engaged too. In 2019, Theron told Glamour “I never wanted to get married.” She added that people, especially women, are often perplexed by this. It looks like Woman’s Day is as perplexed as anyone that a woman could be happy without being married.

Other Bogus Stories

Just because Theron got dinner with a woman doesn’t mean that she’s only romantically interested in women from now on. Theron joins Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie in the club of actresses who have “sworn off men” according to the tabloids. If an actress is single for long enough, a tabloid will inevitably claim they’re done dating men.

As for Woman’s Day, it once claimed Theron was dating Alexander Skarsgard, and later ran a cover story about her supposed engagement to Brad Pitt. It also invented a fictional rivalry with Julia Roberts.

There are so many inane parts of this tabloid story, you can completely disregard it. This outlet has earned a wretched reputation when it comes to Theron stories, so Gossip Cop concludes that this story is totally false.

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