Kate Middleton Too Skinny?

“William’s Fears For Skinny Kate” reads the headline of Life & Style’s most recent story. Prince William and Kate Middleton recently made their first post-pandemic in-person appearance together during a visit to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and according to the magazine, it sparked a wave of concern for Middleton as she seemed thinner than ever. The insider revealed that between covering royal engagements for Queen Elizabeth and taking care of her three kids, Middleton is struggling.

“She doesn’t have a minute to herself and is finding it hard to cope,” the insider continues. “Now her weight has plummeted as a result, and those close to her, including William, are concerned.” Although the Duchess of Cambridge may look put together to outsiders, she supposedly isn’t holding together all too well. “William has secretly consulted with the queen about toning down Kate’s schedule,” the royal tipster says.

There are several issues with the allegations from this story. Let’s start with the cause of all this: Middleton’s recent appearance. In addition to that picture, we went through all of the press photos from the event. We couldn’t find a single one that revealed anything close to the outlet’s claims about her weight and appearance.

Life & Style, it seems, has little respect for the women of the royal family. Earlier this month, it claimed that the only reason Meghan Markle hadn’t been seen in public was because she was pregnant. Apparently, this outlet is more concerned with stirring up speculation about their appearances than it is with publishing anything true.

John Travolta wearing a black suit on the red carpet

John Travolta Leaving Scientology?

In Touch reports John Travolta is leaving the Church of Scientology in the aftermath of wife Kelly Preston’s tragic death. In an article about how Travolta is trying to “stay strong for his kids as he reels from the death of his wife,” the outlet writes that Travolta is now considering leaving the Church of Scientology. The publication spoke to a critic of the controversial church, who said the church “might be afraid that John is having second thoughts about Scientology. They want to keep him in their clutches.”

Gossip Cop can debunk this story as exploitative and completely untrue. Saying the term “might be afraid” is vague speculation at best. The paper is using this horrible loss as a reason to speculate about Travolta’s personal life.

This so-called “source” offers no proof that Travolta has left Scientology behind. Travolta has practiced Scientology since 1975. Preston, too, was a steadfast member of the church. Travolta even credits the organization for helping him move on after the tragedy of his eldest son Jett’s death. There is no evidence that Travolta would suddenly have a change of heart now. This story is false.

This tabloid has used Scientology to sell magazines before. The very same tabloid reported that Tom Cruise was planning a tell-all interview about his relationship with the organization. Gossip Cop debunked that story. OK! once reported that Travolta was barring his daughter Ella from becoming an actor. Gossip Cop spoke to a rep for the actor, who told us this story was false. These tabloids need to learn about common decency and let the grieving grieve.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit standing together on the red carpet in evening wear

Angelina Jolie Calling Off Divorce From Brad Pitt?

Woman’s Day reports “the divorce is off” between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The outlet quoted a source who revealed that Jolie wants to give the relationship another shot. Pitt has recently been spotted leaving Jolie’s home and the source says Jolie has “chosen her moment to strike!”

Apparently, Jolie has slowed court proceedings down to “drive Brad insane” but now she realizes she wants “to soothe her own insecurities and loneliness” by choosing to stay married. It’s worth noting here that Pitt’s been divorced once before and Jolie twice. Gossip Cop is exhausted from debunking stories like this over and over again.

We busted this same tabloid last week for claiming that Jolie was trying to lure Pitt away from getting back together with Jenifer Aniston. This latest claim seems to be a continuation of the bogus narrative the unreliable outlet started last week.

This tabloid has also claimed Jolie was prepared to move herself and the six children to Africa. We debunked this tale too, for that story just used cherry-picked quotes from a Harper’s Bazaar interview with Jolie to frame her interest in Africa as the impetus for a move. It’s an understatement to say this tabloid has no insight into the Jolie/Pitt family whatsoever.

Woman’s Day can’t keep its own fiction straight. In April, the story was Jolie keeping the kids from Pitt because of her hatred of Aniston. So does Jolie hate Aniston so much that she’ll keep her children from their father? Or does she actually love Pitt and want to get back together? Whatever its story is, Gossip Cop will debunk it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walking together on the beach

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Vacationing To Save Marriage?

According to a new article in OK!, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are headed to the Bahamas amid marriage problems. “They’re jetting off to an exotic locale with their son, Archie, to relax and decompress,” an insider tells the magazine. The outlet reports the timing of the vacation couldn’t be better due to the enormous amount of stress the two have been dealing with since relocating to the U.S.

“Meghan and Harry need to get away badly,” the unnamed source states, adding, “from everyone and everything.” The outlet goes on to say the continuing “negative attention” has left Meghan and Harry “at their breaking point.” “They feel as if they deserve a break and are willing to spend top dollar to make it super special,” the anonymous source purports, concluding, “The hope is they’ll come back feeling refreshed.”

Nobody can argue that taking a break would be a good way to decompress from a hectic life. However, if the tabloid is going to insinuate that the duke and duchess were going to “escape” to the Bahamas, it should’ve done its research first. Due to the coronavirus, the Bahamas is banning U.S. travelers to keep the virus from spreading. This wouldn’t be the first time the tabloids alleged the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were having “issues” in their marriage.

Two months ago, we busted the Globe for falsely claiming Meghan Markle threatened Prince Harry with divorce. Last year, In Touch purported Markle walked out on Prince Harry and took their son with her. Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting the phony narrative. Obviously, looking back, the claim is insane as we said it was at the time.

Two separate photos of Cara Delevingne (Left) and Kaia Gerber (right)

Cara Delevinge, Kaia Gerber “Hot New Couple?”

This week’s issue of Heat questions the nature of supermodels Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber’s relationship. The outlet suggests that Delevingne and Gerber “set tongues wagging that they’re more than BFFs” after the two were spotted together at a Black Lives Matter rally in LA. The two models had been photographed holding hands and cuddling together while attending the rally, which sent “speculation soaring that their friendship had blossomed into romance.”

The outlet slyly insists that Gerber and Delevingne looked “happy to be back in each other’s company.” Clearly, the outlet doesn’t trust its reporting as much as it should (especially because it took its time to publish this bogus report), since it acknowledges that Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber “might just be very good friends.”

Gossip Cop looked at this story with suspicion from the very beginning. We’ve come across a surprising number of stories concerning Delevingne being romantically involved with any woman that crosses her path, so we were doubly dubious about this particular tall tale. We reached out to Gerber’s rep, who informs us, “There is no truth to that whatsoever.” We’ll take a definite no from someone authorized to speak for Gerber, than baseless speculation from a problematic tabloid any day of the week.

Though plenty of tabloids target Cara Delevingne with rumors about her romances, Kaia Gerber’s 2019 romance with SNL comedian Pete Davidson dominated much of the tabloids in the later half of last year. Gossip Cop debunked so many stories about the short-lived couple, we decided to compile them together in an article of their own to make the tabloids’ ridiculous narrative a bit easier to follow.

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