William and Kate at Royal Variety Performance

Did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge has some “secret work experience”? I swear to God, those are like half the headlines about this story, because it’s part of the narrative about Kate: she barely works, and she has barely worked throughout her life. And now suddenly, it’s a story that she secretly (shhh, it’s a SECRET) worked at a hospital. For two days. And basically, it sounds like she just went to the maternity ward and held babies, which in America is called “volunteering.”

Kate Middleton spent two days quietly getting some work experience on a maternity ward of a major London hospital, it has emerged. Royal mom-of-three Kate, 37, secretly shadowed midwives and other professionals at the hospital to learn more about children’s early years of development.

The work was revealed by the palace on the daily list of activities — the Court Circular — which said Thursday: “The Duchess of Cambridge, Joint Patron, the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, today completed two days with Kingston Hospital Maternity Unit in London.”

Tackling the challenges facing kids in their early years is the defining theme of Kate’s royal work. Last year, the mom of Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and 1-year-old Prince Louis set up a steering group to advise her on child welfare and the challenges faced by parents and carers.

[From People]

Kingston Hospital is not where Kate gave birth to her kids – she gave birth to all three Cambridge children at St. Mary’s in Paddington. It’s still not really known what Kate was doing? Yes, her Early Years project – whatever the hell it is – is about early childhood development, but I thought that was more about toddlers and little kids, you know? Not newborn babies! And it’s not like Kate was spending that time at one of her patronages – I’m sure one or two of her patronages might have some kind of overlap with a maternity ward, but she’s not the patron of this hospital or anything. Oh, wait – in 2018, she became the patron of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Nursing Now campaign. Maybe that’s what it was? Something to do that? But… why not just say that?

Also: Kate and William have submitted plans – or someone in the Royal household submitted plans – to build a royal education center at the Orangery within the Kensington Palace ground. And yes, “royal education” is just what it sounds like. I guess kids will be invited to KP and they’ll sit in an Orangery-adjacent classroom and learn about British royal history. According to the Daily Mail: “Plans have been submitted to build the education centre at Kensington Palace, where a two-floor extension to the Orangery will allow enough space for a lunch and afternoon tea restaurant, catering facilities and an outdoor terrace. A new garden will also be created linking the Orangery… to the Cambridges’ home.” And that’s not all. A source told the DM: “Education is a very important thing and they want to be able to teach younger children about the monarchy. William and Kate are very much the idol royals and having the new centre here will be the perfect backdrop for students to learn. They are trying to give out a positive message through this project, they are widely appreciated in society.” “Very much the idol royals” the f–k? What is this?

William and Kate at Royal Variety Performance

William and Kate at Royal Variety Performance

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