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Anne Hathaway is a legend in her own right. With a bevy of awards under her belt, the actress has little to prove about her abilities on set. Even with her accolades, however, she’s still been roped into tabloid stories about her behavior on the job. Here are just a few of those rumors Gossip Cop has debunked.

Serenity Now

In June 2018, OK! falsely claimed that the Les Miserables star refused to work with Matthew McConaughey due to his odor. The tabloid argued that Hathaway “insisted” on her co-star fully bathing before they filmed any intimate scenes of their film, Serenity. According to the outlet, the disagreement was serious enough that the crew burned incense on the set of the film.

As we pointed out at the time, filming for the film wrapped a year before. There’s no way such a bizarre production issue would go unreported for so long if it were true. Additionally, Hathaway and the True Detective star previously collaborated on Interstellar. Hathaway had nothing but compliments for her co-star and made no remarks about odors. McConaughey’s admitted to not wearing deodorant, but he’s mentioned that he showers multiple times a day instead. The only thing that stank here was the tabloid’s “source.”

Hoity-Toity Hathaway

Just a few days later, the Globe alleged that the actress was in the midst of a feud with the rest of the cast of Ocean’s 8. The publication claimed that Anne Hathaway’s “hoity-toity attitude” left the rest of the cast frustrated and angry. The outlet also argued that Hathaway, along with the rest of her co-stars, would throw fits and demand equal treatment if Sandra Bullock received the smallest of luxuries.

Of course, in reality, the cast of the film actually got along extremely well. Bullock herself said that the deluge of tabloid stories about her and her co-stars feuding was the opposite of the truth. There were no fights over attitudes or anything similar. Hathaway seems to be plenty polite behind the scenes, but the truth rarely deters the tabloids.

Diva Demands

Last May, Star alleged that Anne Hathaway was being a “diva” and fighting with her co-stars during the filming for The Hustle. This time, the rumor claimed that Hathaway’s attitude affected the filming for The Hustle. According to anonymous tipsters, Hathaway seemed “prickly and full of herself” while shooting the comedy. The actress would constantly make “petty demands” for food and drinks and resented anyone approaching her too closely, the outlet wrote.

Gossip Cop noted that it was odd for the tabloid to claim that the entirety of the cast disliked Hathaway. Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, her co-lead, se  Wilson even attended Hathaway’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Instead of relying on an untraceable source, Gossip Cop checked with Hathaway’s official spokesperson. They denied the rumor, telling us that the actress legitimately “had a blast” during filming. Nothing indicated any sort of dysfunction, on set or off. By all accounts, Hathaway looks to be every bit as lovely as she seems.

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