Whenever celebrities make a big deal about something important to them, I remember. I vividly remember Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spearheading the No Kids movement in early 2014 and calling for a boycott of magazines that ran photos of celebrities’ children. This was a complicated issue because many celebrities used their children to prop up their own fame. Some, like Halle Berry, seemed genuinely upset that their children’s identities were known. Others used their children to promote a happy family image but were still understandably distressed about paparazzi intrusion into their lives. It’s a convoluted thing for some of these highly photographed and recognizable people. However I would think that people who work so hard to protect their children’s privacy would not want to publicly embarrass them, especially with stories that could haunt them into their teen years. You know where I’m going with this. Kristen revealed in a Momsplaining episode (that’s below) that her youngest daughter, Delta, is still in diapers at five and a half. The point was not to momshame other moms or something but it seemed unnecessary to mention.

On realizing that not every kid is the same
Kristen: I did once go through the ‘my daughter is so easy phase.’ My oldest daughter [Lincoln, 7] once suggested at 21 months that she use the toilet. Never wore a diaper beyond that. We were lying in bed giggling, ‘why does everyone make a big deal [about potty training]?’ My youngest [Delta], five and a half, is still in diapers. Every kid is so different.

Casey Wilson jokes that raising a preschooler is like living with a non-functioning alcoholic
Kristen: My husband is a currently functioning sober alcohol. When he goes to his meetings on Tuesday night he’ll say to the little girls ‘I gotta go to my A.A. meeting.’

‘Don’t go daddy, I want to go to A.A. meeting.’

He looks at them very sweetly and he says ‘don’t worry honey, you will.’

[From Momsplaining on YouTube]

In 2014, Kristen and Dax’s daughter Lincoln was just one and Delta wasn’t born yet. I get that things change, especially when we’ve been stuck inside with our kids for 10 weeks (although she made these comments before the lockdown). They now have another daughter, they have a diaper and child supply product line, and they’ve been infamously open about their relationship problems. It just seems so short-sighted to make this public for the sake of content. Delta is going to google herself one day. Plus she’s going to go back to school and her classmates will know who her parents are.

Also, this episode features Maya Rudolph and Casey Wilson at the same table. It must have been filmed mid-March at the latest because Kristen says they had people over their house the day before. They had over two months to cut this from the segment and I would bet you that Kristen has final say as to what is released. This was a decision she made and stuck with. Maya told a relatable story about her baby son peeing in his own face (they all do that right?) and Casey said her son had spit in her face and that he once took off his diaper and peed from the top of a playground structure. They also played “never have I ever” where they admitted to parenting fails like leaving their kids in the car and lying to them to get them to go to bed.

Here’s that episode. Kristen makes those comments around 2:40.

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