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Jessica Simpson is super pregnant and incredibly uncomfortable. She shared a terrifying photo of her massively swollen ankle and foot and pleaded with fans for any remedies to stop the bloating.

Jessica Simpson‘s third pregnancy seems to be going a little rougher than her previous two. She revealed to fans that her lower extremities have become severely bloated and begged them for remedies and advice. On Jan. 10, the singer turned fashion mogul posted an Instagram photo of her lower left leg and it looked five times the size of what it would normally look like. The bloating was so severe that there was a noticeable ring of extra swelling over her ankle and her foot was super puffy. Even a perfect gold pedicure couldn’t distract from the 38-year-old’s swollen toes.

This kind of severe bloating in the later stages of pregnancy has to be painfully uncomfortable. “Any remedies?! Help!!!!” she begged her Instagram fans and they totally came through with tons of useful advice. Many people told her to avoid salt at all costs, as it causes the body to retain liquid. But others must have had the similar issue in their own pregnancies because a number of comments were incredibly detailed.

“1st: get lots of rest and destress, 2nd: start day with 1 lemon squeezed in 8oz of water, add 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (Braggs) & honey to taste, this cleanse/detox kidney & liver, 3rd: NO SALT AT ALL! 4th: change diet immediately, NO: added protein, no processed oils, try and follow a micro nutrient diet and eat as clean as possible,” one person wrote. Dang! That’s solid advice.

Jessica Simpson Swollen Foot

“My first thought was preeclampsia. If you already ruled it out. Feet up in the air and compression socks” one person told her while another advised, “Ohhhh yikes! Epsom salts for sure!” We hope she doesn’t have preeclampsia. That was the scary condition Kenya Moore had and it caused her to  gain 17 pounds in one week due to severe swelling and water retention. She even showed an IG pic of her feet looking super bloated like Jess.

Many moms totally empathized with the soon to be mother of three. “Omg that was me. Honestly massage helped me a lot,” one mama wrote while another added, “Omg! My feet were swollen like that too before I had my son 2 months ago! I ended up sleeping with 8 pillows every night. Lol. 3 of them were underneath my feet and it worked!” Others had their own unique remedies “Dandelion tea!! Will help tremendously!! Drank it for same reason when I was pregnant,” one mom suggested while another added “Oh man I had it so bad! Doterra oils, Epsom salt baths and elevate your feet.” Wow! The mom squad sure gave Jess plenty of good remedies to try. Hopefully one of the works for her.

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