If you have lived anywhere other than under a rock in the last few months, you’ve heard of the new strain of Coronavirus. And what you’ve heard is scary, like the fact that tens of millions of people are quarantined in China to try and control the epidemic or that 8,000 cases have been diagnosed, 96 of which in 16 countries outside of China and that it’s responsible for 170 deaths so far. Just yesterday the World Health Organization declared it a public health emergency of international concern. This particular outbreak (nCOV) is causing a big stir because it’s never been seen in humans before. And I get it, all that information is scary. I’m not downplaying it. But in your panic, try to remember with SARS and all the outbreaks that came before it, the more information that comes out about it means the more that’s being learned by disease control, which generally means they are on their way to containing it. So that’s my attempt to calm you.

Also know that no matter what you learn, do NOT blame this epidemic on the beer. Because according to Google, folks are searching how Corona beer is responsible for this mess.

Corona beer lovers have no fear, your favorite beverage is not to blame for the coronavirus.

As the rapidly spreading disease continues to impact millions, it seems that many people are beginning to wonder whether the virus has anything to do with the similar-sounding Corona beer.

Google Trends recently calculated that in the United States, there has been a sharp increase in people searching for “beer virus” or “corona beer virus,” over the last week, USA Today reported.

They also revealed that Global search interest for “coronavirus symptoms” spiked +1,050 percent this week, with other top searches including “how does coronavirus spread” and “where does coronavirus come from.”

It definitely does not come from Corona beer.

[From People]

That’s right, folks – unless that chicken downed a six-pack before you neglected to cook its drumstick all the way through, there is no connection. But is Corona beer concerned who this will affect business? Nah. The company trusts their customers to, “understand there’s no linkage between the virus and our business.” That’s good, and I think it’s the right way to respond. But I prefer this response:

And these:

Again, I know this is serious. Read up on how to prevent it and what symptoms to watch for. Get your flu shot. Wash your hands and keep hand sanitizer on you at all time. Take extra precautions if you visit a live market. Stay home if you are sick. And if you still need to relax after taking all the necessary precautions, why not a refreshing Corona with lime – it’s safe to do so.


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