The pop duo Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are frequent visitors to the world-famous club, and have admitted to having a laidback approach to their visits.

Neil explained: “We go on Sunday lunchtimes around 12 oclock. We treat it as pre-lunch drinks – we go up to the Panorama Bar and have a glass of prosecco. Buy tickets below.

“You get the people whove been there all night, they’re absolutely t***ted, but then there’s a fresh crowd coming in as well, and it’s a very interesting atmosphere.

“And it’s great to walk in from daylight on to the main dancefloor, which is completely dark, there’s just a kick drum playing four-to-the-floor, and it’s really, really exciting in an alienating way.”

The duo own a flat in the German capital and their new album, ‘Hotspot’, is inspired by the romance of Berlin.

Neil told the Guardian newspaper: “Berlin’s quite a romantic place.

“People in Britain tend to think of Berlin, even now, as the wall and Bowie making ‘Heroes’.

“But it’s got 80 lakes in it, you can be in the countryside in 20 minutes, it’s such a beautiful place in the summer, you have pubs on the river. So that’s why I think it sounds warm and romantic.”

Meanwhile, Neil also hit out at the current pop music landscape, saying the genre has gone “down the narcissistic misery route”.

He explained: “Its context is social media; social media has actually created and defined the form of popular music and I think, unfortunately, that takes it down the narcissistic misery route.

“It doesn’t have the importance it once had, and that’s been the case for quite a while. It’s become a facet of social media.”

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