Rent Live’s Brennin Hunt Reveals How He Broke His Foot


Brennin Hunt, the star of Rent Live, is opening up about how he broke his foot during the dress rehearsal over the weekend.

The actor, who played Roger Davis in the musical, was injured the night before the big show and was unable to perform during the previously planned live telecast. Fox decided to air the dress rehearsal performance and then go live for the finale, during which Brennin sat on a table with his leg propped up on a chair.

“When we finished ‘What You Own,’ when we climbed the ladders, Jordan [Fisher, who played Mark] and I had to run, all the way through that commercial break, downstage, across the scaffolding and down two flights of stairs to do our quick change for the finale,” Brennin said in an interview with Variety. “And we made it down one flight and we came around the next flight, and I was jumping off that last step to make a left, and my right foot just rolled over, and I snapped a bone in the arch of my foot.”

“And I immediately dropped and was in a lot of pain, and I knew it wasn’t good because even with my in-ear monitors I could hear it snap,” he added. “But I was just telling myself, ‘It’s not broken; it’s just a sprain; I’ll be back tomorrow! They can shoot me up with drugs or whatever, I’m doing it!’ Then I get to the ER and they do the CAT-Scan, and they said, ‘Well, it’s broken.’ That’s how it played out.”

Brennin said the doctors told him that if he tried to stand on his foot, he’d end up needing surgery, so his hope to continue with the show was shot down.

The cast of Rent Live actually DID do a live performance on Sunday night for the studio audience and some videos have been released from that show.

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