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According to multiple reports this week, Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, are struggling to find nannies to help them care for their six children. The news comes just a few months after the couple announced they’d had a sixth kid via surrogate and only months after Hilaria gave birth to their fifth last September. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Alec & Hilaria’s Nanny Nightmare!’

According to what it calls an “Enquirer Exclusive,” the National Enquirer writes this week that the Baldwins have found the only thing harder than raising six kids is finding a nanny to help them raise them. A source tells the outlet, “Hilaria is so involved with the kids, so she’s especially vigilant and has the final say when it comes to hiring and firing, though Alec definitely has his checklist on what makes a good nanny.”

The publication’s insider goes on, “Try as they might, they realize they can’t do everything themselves and need help — lots of it ­— but it’s been a logistical nightmare getting a team of nannies organized. Alec and Hilaria are tough on them and firm. Long hours and multitasking are a must, and of course, they must be quick on their toes and know what to do with a cranky set of children — without losing their cool.” The source adds the nannies must have “a good disposition, a clean and tidy appearance and the ability to step in last minute when needed.”

What Exactly Is The Story Here?

Every once in a while, Gossip Cop runs across a story like this, and we can’t help but wonder to ourselves what’s going on here. Nothing about the job description given by the tabloids sounds particularly weird or uncommon for any parent — famous or not — looking for childcare. Read a little closer and you might see why the Enquirer invented this one. It calls Hilaria Alec’s “yoga instructor wife” and paints a picture of an overly demanding couple, only to reveal a fairly mundane list of job requirements. The headline calls it is a “nightmare,” but it’s no different than anyone else who has been through the search process when selecting nannies for their children. Are there parents out there looking for slobs that don’t know how to react to a child’s meltdown? This is just the tabloid’s way of trashing a couple for no good reason.

It’s hard for anyone, including the Baldwins, to find good help, so is it worthy of a news story? The truly amazing thing is, despite this being called an “Enquirer Exclusive,” Gossip Cop found in our research it’s anything but. We found two other supermarket tabloids, OK!, and New Idea, with almost identical stories, including the exact same quotes from the Enquirer’s “insider.” Clearly, this is just a case of the publications wanting to write a story painting Alec and Hilaria Baldwin in a negative light but having no actual story to report on.

This Tabloid’s Track Record With Alec Baldwin

This particular outlet seems to enjoy inventing weird stories about Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. In February, we debunked its claim that Alec was worried about his career in the fallout of Hilaria’s “scandal” when it was discovered she wasn’t actually from Spain. We’re certain the legendary actor was more concerned about his wife and his children than whatever fallout may have occurred over the, frankly, silly “scandal.”

This also the same disreputable paper that claimed Alec and Hilaria were falling apart over a haircut she gave him during quarantine. The entire story was invented after Alec posted a video of him getting upset over the haircut. The video was clearly meant to be funny and if anything, it showed how well the couple was getting along amid the craziness of 2020. With a track record like this, it’s impossible to trust anything this paper, or its so-called “insiders,” says.

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