Southern Charm‘s Kathryn Dennis forgot about… well, the charm.

The Bravo reality TV star has found herself in hot water and is now apologizing for her racially “offensive” messages that she sent to radio show host, Tamika Gadsden.

For some backstory: Over the weekend, the radio show host called out a beauty salon owner in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina for hosting a “Trump boat parade.”

“In Charleston you learn, fairly quickly, that the face of White Supremacy resembles that of the boutique-owning, gatekeeping glitterati,” Tamika shared on Twitter, alongside screenshots of the salon owner’s event that was originally posted on Instagram Stories.

She added, “This is Katie Shields, owner of Mylk Bar in Mt. Pleasant. She’s organizing a Nautical MAGA rally with her friends. Katie is reprehensible.”

So how does the Southern Charm star fit into this? Not long after, Tamika posted her Instagram conversation with Kathryn over the matter.

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