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One of this week’s tabloids is claiming to have insight into Robert Downey Jr.’s “amazing” marriage with his wife of nearly 15 years, Susan. It’s quite an odd story considering the same outlet alleged the actor’s marriage was in trouble last week. Gossip Cop can explain.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted OK! for falsely claiming Downey Jr. was having marriage problems as a result of his upcoming movie Dolittle, which he produced alongside his wife. The film had a somewhat troubled production, which included a new director being brought in to help out with reshoots. According to the outlet, Downey Jr. was taking his frustrations out on his wife and family. An alleged insider was quoted as saying, “The stress over this project and Robert’s behavior are causing a lot of tension.”

The story made very little sense. As Gossip Cop noted last week, Dolittle underwent reshoots in March 2019, and wrapped filming shortly after. It didn’t seem logical that the spouses would suddenly be arguing over a film that wrapped nearly a year ago. In all likelihood, the story was fabricated to capitalize on the release of Dolittle, which hits theaters next week.

Additionally, Downey Jr. had posted a touching tribute to his wife on Instagram in honor of her birthday in November. The Avengers star wrote, “Super buddy, mama bear, pillar of strength. First in class, last to jump ship, example to all. I offer myself to thee. HBD, Mrs Downey…” The loving message came well after the production of Dolittle. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the spouses, who assured us their marriage was very strong.

In a bizarre turn of events, the latest issue of OK! features an article paying homage to the couple’s marriage. “They have such an amazing relationship; Susan really is the yin to his yang,” a questionable source tells the magazine. The “insider” then pretends to have details about the couple’s date nights, but there’s nothing very insightful about the supposed scoop. “Sometimes they’ll enjoy a romantic dinner together and then watch a movie,” says the alleged tipster, who adds that Downey Jr. often surprises his wife with jewelry and flowers. These are generic tidbits that could apply to any happy couple.

At no point does OK! mention its article from last week, which told a very different story. Here’s what really seems to be happening: Days after Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s story, Downey Jr. raved about his wife and his marriage in an interview with Parade magazine. Instead of acknowledging it was wrong, OK! is now back pedaling and pretending to have never published its initial article about marriage problems. Gossip Cop won’t argue with the main premise of the tabloid’s latest article – as Downey Jr. does have an amazing marriage. We will, however, call out the magazine for its insosnsitency and fake insight.

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