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For months now, various dumbasses have been organizing these “Trump Boat Parades” around the country. In August, there was some kind of Boat Parade in New York, with idiots on jet skis and smaller water crafts around the Statue of Liberty. On Saturday, MAGA dipsh-ts decided to organize a Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis in Texas. It… did not go well. A blue wave took down MAGA boats and Poseiden raised himself out of the water to fight Nazis. Just know: no one died, so it’s okay to laugh about all of this.

The authorities rescued numerous people from the waters of Lake Travis in Texas on Saturday after at least four boats sank at an event promoted as a Trump Boat Parade, officials said. The Sheriff’s Office in Travis County received “multiple” calls of boats in distress starting at 12:15 p.m. local time, a spokeswoman, Kristen Dark, said. Christa Stedman, a spokeswoman for Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, said no injuries had been reported.

Firefighters pulled “numerous” people out of the water, said Braden Frame, president of the Lake Travis Fire Fighters Association. It was not clear how many had needed rescuing, he said. The number of boats participating in the gathering was not immediately clear. Ms. Dark said there were “too many variables” to say for sure what exactly happened.

“We had an exceptional number of boats on the lake today,” she said. “When they all started moving at the same time, it generated significant waves.”

With winds around 10 miles an hour, and gusting to as much as 15 m.p.h., the weather conditions in and around the lake most likely would not have caused the boats to sink, Aaron Treadway, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in the Austin/San Antonio office, said. Mr. Frame praised the work of emergency responders, noting that the rescuers had faced “significant challenges due to the amount of waves and chop on the water today.”

[From The NY Times]

These absolute morons were too stupid to operate the boats they bought for their Nazi leader’s boat parade. While no one drowned, I would be interested in knowing if any of these dumbf–ks can walk and chew gum at the same time. Anyway, the best part of this story was all of the joking and memeing!!

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