Kelly Didn’t Approve Of Ryan Seacrest’s Secret Love-Affair?

In the summer of 2019, Life & Style was again debunked by Gossip Cop for falsely claiming Ripa wasn’t happy with Ryan Seacrest’s “secret” romance. The article alleged Ripa and Seacrest’s mother, Connie, didn’t approve of him dating America’s Next Top Model contestant, Larissa Schot. “They both think it’s time he settled down… with someone his age!” “Nobody knows if this is just a rebound or if Ryan’s experiencing an actual midlife crisis,” a supposed insider snitched to the tabloid. Even though Seacrest was spotted kissing the model, Gossip Cop learned Seacrest and Schot weren’t in a relationship. Furthermore, Ripa isn’t an “overbearing” colleague that was involved in Seacrest’s personal life.

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